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Criminal Lawyers in New Zealand

Criminal Lawyers in New Zealand

If you find yourself dealing with a criminal offence, it is important to ask for the services of an experienced criminal lawyer in Auckland from our law firm in New Zealand. We will ensure that your rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings and that you are treated fairly, respecting the proper legal procedures.

When is a criminal lawyer needed?

Our criminal lawyers in NZ can assist individuals facing criminal charges across the spectrum of severity. Some of the cases we typically handle include assault & battery, theft and property crimes, DUI, domestic violence, police investigations, bail hearings, and financial or drug offenses.

The most serious criminal offenses that can lead to imprisonment in New Zealand are listed in the Crimes Act 1961 and its updates. There are also laws in place for specific situations, such as the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 for drug-related offenses.

By working with a skilled criminal lawyer in Auckland, there is a possibility that your charges could be dismissed, withdrawn, or reduced, potentially avoiding the need for a trial altogether. In the event of a trial, your lawyer will prepare and manage everything on your behalf. If there is a conviction, your lawyer will work to secure the most favorable sentence available, considering the circumstances of your case.

You can also contact our team of lawyers in New Zealand working in other parts of the country as well, such as our criminal lawyers in Christchurch.

Defense preparation and representation

In the initial consultation process, our criminal lawyers in NZ evaluate the case, assess the evidence, identify legal issues, and develop a defense strategy tailored to the client’s situation.

Our lawyers in NZ will construct a “theory of defense” that represents the client’s perspective and addresses potential questions or doubts raised by the prosecution during trial.

Our criminal lawyers in Auckland, as well as those from other parts of New Zealand, often enlist the help of external consultants to strengthen their cases. Expert witnesses, such as forensic scientists or psychologists, provide specialized knowledge and testify on the client’s behalf. Trial consultants with backgrounds in fields like psychology or communications assist with strategy development and create effective trial presentations. Additionally, jury consultants aid in selecting the most favorable jurors for the case.

By utilizing the expertise of these consultants, our attorneys in New Zealand enhance their defense strategies and increase the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes.

Negotiation and plea bargaining

Our criminal lawyers in Hamilton, and in NZ in general, can negotiate with the prosecution for potential plea bargains or reduced charges. The purpose is to find a resolution that is more favorable to the accused person than going to trial and potentially facing more severe consequences.

Persons accused of a crime can plead guilty, not guilty, or give a special reason why the charges shouldn’t apply to them. The court will then consider their plea and make decisions accordingly.

Our criminal lawyers in NZ can assist you by providing guidance, negotiating plea deals, evaluating your case, and presenting effective arguments during the plea process.

Here are some key statistics from the Crime and Justice Report regarding court charges and outcomes:

  • There were 175,294 charges filed against adults for criminal offenses in 2022;
  • Out of those, 125,149 were convicted;
  • 42,333 were not proved;
  • There were 60,059 serious offenses charges filed in 2022.

If you are seeking a criminal lawyer in Auckland to represent your case, please contact as soon as possible our New Zealand law firm. We operate in other parts of New Zealand as well, so feel free to contact our criminal lawyers in Hamilton and criminal lawyers in Christchurch