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Divorce Lawyer in New Zealand

Divorce Lawyer in New Zealand

Our divorce lawyers in New Zealand offer a wide range of services to individuals seeking to end their marriages. These professionals have a thorough knowledge of family law and have the expertise to help clients navigate the legal process of divorce and protect their rights. The lawyers also make sure that the separation process is as smooth and peaceful as possible.

Why would you need a divorce lawyer in New Zealand?

One of the primary roles of the law firms in New Zealand, specializing in civil union dissolutions, is to negotiate settlements, which includes: discussing the terms of the divorce, such as the division of assets and liabilities, child custody and support, and spousal support.

 Our attorneys in New Zealand want to protect the interests of their clients and to make sure that the final agreements are fair for both parties.

In addition to negotiating settlement agreements, our divorce lawyer in Auckland, NZ is also trained to represent clients in court. This is needed only if the former spouses are not able to reach a consensus. In these situations, our New Zealand lawyers will present the case to the judge and make sure that the client gets the best results.

Mediation, a less costly alternative in case of separation

Another service that our divorce lawyers in New Zealand may offer is mediation. This is a middle-way alternative. Compared to the settlement agreement, it requires the presence of a third party. And in contrast to solving the situation in front of a judge, it is more affordable and less time-consuming.

Our divorce lawyers in Hamilton, NZ are trained to handle the challenges that can arise during separation and they can offer legal guidance and if needed, representation in court.

If you are considering a divorce, it is important to seek the guidance and representation of a skilled and experienced New Zealand law firm. These professionals can provide legal guidance and representation in court if needed.

Regarding the cost of a divorce lawyer in NZ, you can benefit from a free case evaluation from one of our specialists.

What are the steps of a divorce in New Zealand?

Here is an overview of the general steps:

  1. Separation: Couples have to live apart for at least two years before filing for divorce. In this period they can live together for a few months in order to try to save the relationship.
  2. File a notice of proceedings: This document provides information about the parties involved in the divorce and the reason behind it. For more information one of our divorce lawyers from Hamilton, NZ can help you.
  3. Serve the notice of proceedings: After being filed by one party involved it has to be served on the other party.
  4. File an application for divorce: After the notice of proceedings has been served, the party who filed the notice can submit an application for divorce with the Family Court.
  5. Respond to the application for divorce: If the other party does not agree to the divorce, they can offer a response to the initial application.
  6. Case conference: If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, they have to appear in front of a Family Court judge. For this step one of our divorce lawyers from Auckland can assist and represent you.
  7. Settlement conference: if the situation is not solved after the case conference, the former spouses need to attend a settlement conference.
  8. Final hearing: If the parties are unable to reach an agreement at the settlement conference, they will need to attend a  final hearing, where the final decision will be made in front of a judge.

According to official data, in 2021, there were 6,372 couples who followed the steps needed in order to get a registered civil union dissolution in  New Zealand. This means that for each 1,000 existing marriages, there were 6.2 divorces.

This is a broad overview of the steps involved in a divorce in New Zealand. It is always a good idea to seek the guidance and representation of one of our skilled and experienced divorce lawyers in New Zealand and contact him in order to help you navigate the legal process.