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Lawyers in Christchurch

Lawyers in Christchurch

We are one of the Christchurch law firms specializing both in commercial and private practice. We work with local and foreign companies, as well as residents and expats who are in need of professional legal services.

Our team includes specialists who, together, are able to cover a wide area of expertise. A lawyer in Christchurch from our team will be able to help you with immigration issues, while another attorney from our team will happily answer questions related to company registration in NZ.

We offer quality services, and we focus on our relationships with our clients. Not only do we strive to offer straightforward solutions, but we also understand that some issues requite attention to detail as well as special consideration, especially those related to difficult matters such as divorce or more complex disputes.

Services offered by our lawyer in Christchurch

We are a team of experience lawyers who specialize in many areas of law. We have found that by growing a multi-experienced team we are better able to help our clients who are in need of many different services, from divorce or inheritance matters, to opening a business or solving various types of disputes.

Our team offers the following services for companies and investors in Christchurch:

  • Litigation: our civil litigation team assists clients involved in contract disputes, debt collection, business and franchise issues, insolvency, insurance matters, shareholder disputes and other issues;
  • Commercial Law: we assist large and small businesses owners who are looking to set up a new company as well as those who are in need of legal assistance for drafting agreements, expanding, buying or selling a business, as well as others;
  • Tax Law: understanding the tax requirements in NZ and observing the reporting requirements is important for any business; we can help answer any questions you might have;
  • Intellectual Property: if you wish to register a trademark, a lawyer in Christchurch from our team specializing in IP law can help you.

Our team also offers alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration and mediation. These can be faster and often more affordable means of solving them than having to go to court.

Are you in search of professional accounting services? Our accountants in New Zealand assist clients with bookkeeping, preparing the annual financial statements, payroll management, issues concerning employee benefits, budgeting, tax filing and payment, double taxation issues, as well as financial assessment reports. We can also assist new businesses with start-up financial consulting.

If you live or work in Christchurch, we can help you with a number of different services for individuals. These include the following:

  1. Immigration: our team includes immigration experts who are ready to help foreign nationals who are ready to move to New Zealand; we also assist those who are already in the country and need advice on permanent residency or citizenship through naturalization;
  2. Employment: individuals who were subject to health and safety issues, or those involved in other disputes with their employer can reach out to us for personalized solutions;
  3. Divorce: a lawyer in Christchurch from our team can help you apply for a divorce and handle the procedures with the Family Court;
  4. Property sale and purchase: our conveyancing specialists are ready to help you buy your home in Christchurch or sell a property. likewise, if you are involved in a tenant/landlord dispute, we can assist you.

We also assist clients interested in wills and estate. A special division of our team represents clients in issues related to traffic offences and criminal law.

We are a dedicated team and stand out amongst other Christchurch law firms through our combined experience. You can always reach out to our lawyers to find out more about our services. We will be better able to answer your questions after an initial visit. You can schedule one today with one of our experts.

Christchurch statistics

Christchurch is located in the South Island of New Zealand. If you live here and are in need of tailored solutions offered by one of the Christchurch law firms with experience, such as our own, we are ready to answer your questions. Below, we present a set of statistics about the city:

  • 369,006 people, out of which 36,642 Māori;
  • 72.9% of the people were born in New Zealand and 27.1% overseas;
  • 139,089 occupied private dwellings;
  • 23.8% of the employed individuals were professionals, followed by 14.9% who were managers and 14.3% who were technicians and trade workers.

The date presented above was prepared by Statistics New Zealand, after the 2018 Census.

Do you live in Christchurch? We can help you if you wish to buy a property, are ready to end a marriage, need to sort child issues after divorce or if you have legal questions about opening or running a business here. Contact us if you need the services of a lawyer in Christchurch.