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Law Firm in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most prolific economies in the world and was nominated as one of the easiest countries to do business in the world with high scores in the easiness of the company registration procedure. Even so, it is best to ask for legal advice from a New Zealand law firm when opening a company here.

With experience in a large variety of cases, our lawyers in New Zealand can help foreigners in various legal fields, such as litigation, citizenship by investment, due diligence procedures. We have listed below the legal services we can help you with.

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance from our lawyers in New Zealand

– shareholder, director and partnership disputes,

– unfair competition,

– contract law disputes,

– international trade issues,

– fraud,

– other business disputes 

Company formation in New Zealand

– complete assistance throughout the company incorporation phase (pre- and post-incorporation),

– registration with the Companies Register,

– license applications


Corporate banking and finance issues, regulatory issues


– drafting employment agreements,

– disciplinary processes,

– restructuring,

– redundancy,

– occupational health and safety,

– personal grievances,

– fair dismissals

International investments in New Zealand

– franchising,

– mergers and acquisitions,

– opening branches and subsidiaries in New Zealand

Tax matters

Our tax lawyers in New Zealand assist clients with practices meant to ensure full tax compliance.


– voluntary liquidations,

– business restructuring,

– creditor-initiated liquidation,

– creditor negotiation and compromise,

– bankruptcy issues

Immigration lawyers in New Zealand

Applications for:

– work and investment/entrepreneur visas,

– student visas as well as visas for family reunification.

We also provide assistance for matters concerning citizenship.

Intellectual property

– filing trademark applications and oppositions,

– patent and design applications,

– copyright infringement cases,

– assistance for trademark,

– patent or design renewal,

– IP law counsel

Debt recovery with the help of our lawyers in New Zealand

– amicable debt collection and negotiation when possible,

– assistance for taking the dispute to the Tribunal when legal action is required

Real estate issues 

– commercial property sale,

– purchase and valuations,

– legal solutions for investors in real estate,

– leasing and construction law issues

Residential conveyancing in New Zealand

– assistance for individuals buying or selling properties,

– refinancing issues,

– mortgage lending issues and others

Individual employment

– assistance in case of unfair dismissal,

– workplace harassment or discrimination,

– exit package negotiations,

– disciplinary meetings as well as all other matters related to the Employment Law

Civil litigation

– professional negligence,

– building and product defect claims,

– personal injury and others

Divorce and Family Law

– complete assistance during the divorce proceedings,

– assistance with child custody and maintenance arrangements;

– other Family Law legal services such as solutions for will and estate disputes in New Zealand

Legal services offered by our law firm in New Zealand

Our lawyers in NZ can help both foreign and local citizens with the following services:

  • company formation which includes documentation drafting and filing with the Trade Register; we are one of the law firms in NZ that offer complete company formation services;
  • assistance in liquidating, restructuring and changing company types;
  • assistance in litigation matters in the commercial, corporate and civil fields;
  • assistance in obtaining work permits on behalf companies and citizenship by investment for foreign entrepreneurs;
  • assistance in obtaining special permits or licenses for your business in New Zealand; we are also one of the law firms in NZ that can help investors comply with the ongoing licensing requirements.
  • assistance in purchasing real estate property for residential and commercial purposes;
  • assistance in debt collection – we can help with both amicable and court debt recovery proceedings;
  • tax advice and planning for foreign investors opening companies in New Zealand.

Our lawyers in NZ also offer other legal services which is why we recommend you contact us directly in order to ask about your case. Also, in case you need assistance for moving to New Zealand, we can put you in contact with our immigration lawyers.

lawyer in NZ from our team is able to deal with a number of issued, from business to property transactions, along with employment or family law issues. Our multidisciplinary team of registered lawyers in NZ has the training and the experience to provide adequate legal advice. Consulting with our lawyers before an important business decision, or before commencing the legal proceedings in any type of legal dispute is recommended.

Our registered lawyers in New Zealand work by observing the regulations set forth by the New Zealand Law Society, the national regulator for this profession.

Civil litigation services in New Zealand

Litigation is one of the core services for many New Zealand law firms and a large portion of our attorney’s activity is focused on settling disputes, in and out of court. Our aim is to provide our clients with fast and affordable solutions for their legal disputes. We strive to negotiate terms that are advantageous and effective and, when possible, we favor solving cases out of court, through negotiation and, if desired, alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or meditation.

We can assist you in more than one way in case of civil disputes. Among the most important means through which one can sort such as dispute our lawyer in NZ lists the following:

  • Proceedings with the Disputes Tribunal: this has limited jurisdiction and so is the right of appeal, however, disputes with small monetary claims can be filed with this tribunal;
  • Proceedings with the District Court: this is the court with jurisdiction in many civil disputes; a judicial settlement can be agreed upon by the parties, thus avoiding the need to go through a complete trial;
  • The High Court process: this is the court that has no limits in terms of the cases it can hear or in terms of the monetary claims; this is the court that also hears the appeals from the Family Court and the District Court; it is usual for clients to wish to work with one of the top law firms in NZ if their case is taken to the High Court;
  • Mediation and arbitration: these are the two available alternative dispute resolution methods which can serve as a viable option for certain types of disputes.

Our team of lawyers in NZ has a structured approach, depending on the particularities of the case, the size of the claim and the particular field in which the dispute occurred (breach of contract, negligence or others). We help the plaintiff throughout the stages of the claim and we represent our clients in hearings as well as manage the gathering of important documents as well as testimonies and statements.

Our registered lawyers in NZ understand the importance of having a personalized case strategy and the pre-trial preparation, in those cases in which going to court is the only option. In all cases, we try to avoid lengthy disputes and we help our clients reach the most suitable resolution.

Legal assistance for opening a company in New Zealand

Our law firm in New Zealand is made up of a team of professionals who can help foreign investors open various types of companies. We can help you with:

  • legal advice in choosing the right structure – you can choose between sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited liability companies;
  • help in preparing the company’s incorporation documents and filing them with the local Companies Office – we only need a power of attorney to represent you and a lawyer in NZ from our team will handle essential steps;
  • assistance in registering the new company with the tax authorities, which is mandatory before starting the activities;
  • assistance in obtaining the necessary licenses and permits related to the activities of the company.

Our lawyers in NZ can also help you purchase ready-made companies and can guide you through merger and acquisition procedures. By using our help, you can make sure that the purchase is a sound one. Moreover, our team is able to provide essential information in the post-purchase phase, when you may need details on how to change the company name or specific details as well as how to obtain special permits and licenses, as many shelf companies do not come with specific business licenses. Our registered lawyers in NZ can help you before and after you buy a business, so that you may start the new company activities knowing that the business is in full compliance.

We are one of the law firms in NZ that offer complete services to companies. Part of our business team are also our dedicated lawyers who specialize in trademark registration as well as employment. These are two different issues we can help investors with, apart from the initial company formation phase. By working with our team, you will be able to apply for trademark protection in New Zealand so that you may secure your position as the sole user of a chosen and unique identified, the trademark of your company. Moreover, when dealing with employment issues, our team of lawyers in NZ will make sure that the employment agreements are in full compliance with the law in force and, in the event of various employee disputes, we will be able to provide legal solutions.

Assistance in debt collection in New Zealand

Debt recovery can be an exhausting procedure which is why our New Zealand law firm can help foreigners dealing with such problems. We will first start with the amicable procedure of recovering any outstanding amount of money. If the amicable process fails to render the desired result, our lawyers will assist during the debt recovery through court proceedings. When choosing to work with the specialists from one of the law firms in NZ, such as our lawyers, you can check their success rate. We can give you more details on our performance.

When recovering debts, it is natural to wish to work with one of the top law firms in NZ. By working with a team of experts, such as our own, you can rest assured that your case is given the priority it deserves and that, as needed, the debt collection will take all of the possible steps, including litigation.

Real estate lawyers in New Zealand

No matter if you are looking to buy a property or a company, the due diligence procedure is mandatory. Our lawyers in NZ can help you verify a residential or commercial property for any encumbrances by performing checks with the Land Register and Cadaster.

We can also interrogate the Trade Register with respect to companies you might be interested in doing business in or purchasing.

With notable experience in property law, our team of lawyers in New Zealand can assist you whether you are a first-time property buyer, a commercial developer or a private investor. Together with our team you will be able to secure the residential or commercial transaction of your choice and you will rest assured that the documents are drafted and signed accordingly. 

Property transactions can have different levels of complexity. Our team can help you with residential and commercial sales and purchases, leasing agreements, title matters, commercial property due diligence, mortgage and refinancing plans, property development, construction compliance and counsel on the taxation related to this specific field. We are one of the law firms in NZ that offers complete real estate purchase services to local and foreign clients.

Working with our lawyers specializing in construction law can be helpful for local and foreign real estate developers. Making sure that the builder respects all of the ongoing laws is important and with the help of our team you can make sure that the construction will be compliant and suitable for occupation. We assist builders who wish to know more about the Builder’s guarantee or warranty and the building contract.

Taxation registered lawyers New Zealand

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor or employee, you will benefit from receiving specialized counsel for taxation matters and asset planning, as needed. Our team provides complete services related to settling tax disputes as well as providing personalized assistance and legal advice for private clients. Our registered lawyers in NZ can act in the name of domestic and offshore or international clients to settle a full range of tax matters.

Some of the key figures to remember about taxes in New Zealand are the following presented below by our lawyer in NZ:

  • the 28% corporate income tax rate;
  • the 10.5% to 33% individual income tax rate, applicable as per the taxable income;
  • the withholding tax on dividends of 0% or 33% for residents and the lower rates of 0%, 15% or 30% for nonresidents – explained in greater detail by our team;
  • the 15% goods and services tax.

Understanding the New Zealand taxation principles is important primarily for new investors, those who are just starting a business here and need to comply with the ongoing tax and reporting requirements. Our registered lawyers in NZ can help you with complete information.

Legal services for individuals offered by our lawyer in NZ

Our services also include those offered to individual clients, with a focus on Family Law but also including employment and immigration matters.

We help clients reach the outcome they deserve, whether related to insurance claims or personal injury and negligence.

Part of our team also specializes in Family Law, and we are able to provide comprehensive solutions for clients going through a divorce, those involved in estate disputes or former spouses who wish to sort child support issues.

Part of our services for clients include the following:

  • Divorce: we assist those who are ready to apply for a dissolution of marriage, in the joint or single form; if you meet the conditions to have been separated for 2 years at the time of the application, our team of divorce lawyers can help you throughout the process;
  • Employment: our lawyers in New Zealand can give you compete information about your rights under the Employment Law; we can help you if you were unlawfully fired, if you are subject to a disciplinary meeting or any form of poor treatment by the employer (discrimination, harassment, underpayment and other unfair working conditions);
  • Wills and estate:
  • Immigration: we also specialise in immigration, visas, temporary and long-term residence; we can assist you if you wish to apply for a work or study visa, as well as if you wish to join a family member who is already residing in New Zealand.

Our real estate division can also provide services for individuals looking to purchase a home in New Zealand, as well as those involved in a real estate or construction dispute.

Our team can also assist those interested in various solutions for estate planning. Sorting the manner in which one’s assets are protected during his or her lifetime is important. Having the confidence that the same assets will be administered according to one’s wishes after one’s death can be reassuring. This is why our team offers solutions for estate planning and wills. The personal planning services for our clients in New Zealand are fully personalized.

We know that it is reinforcing to know that you enlist the services of the top law firms in NZ. This is why we are committed to the success if your case and assist you throughout the steps of the legal challenge you are facing. 

Why choose our law firm in New Zealand?

With years of experience in business and civil-related legal matters, our attorneys offer personalized services by adapting them to our clients’ requests. Our New Zealand lawyers are used to handling various requests and cases and will always put the clients’ needs ahead by conferring with them on the best result. We try our best in offering the quickest and most cost-effective solution no matter the issue.

Investors who decide to open a NZ company can also benefit from working with our partner accountants in New Zealand. We provide complete accounting services, and our solutions include complete bookkeeping, accounts receivable and accountant payable management, bank account reconciliation, general ledger review, as well as periodic financial assessments, among other services and solutions according to business size.

When you encounter a business or personal issue, it is only natural to wish to work with one of the top law firms in NZ. When you request the reservices offered by a team with relevant experience, you are sure to make the first steps towards reaching a desirable outcome for your case.

What’s more, in cases involving legal representation, or in cases that concern Family Law, such as divorce in New Zealand, working with our team will also mean that one of our attorneys will provide you with the due attention and care, needed for your particular case.

We have notable experience in providing assistance to corporate and private individuals. Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers in NZ by e-mail or phone and ask about our legal services.