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Mediation Lawyers in NZ

Mediation Lawyers in NZ

Our mediation lawyers in NZ offer assistance in resolving disputes efficiently and amicably. Whether it’s a commercial disagreement, family dispute, or any other legal matter, our lawyers specialize in guiding both parties through negotiation processes. The aim is mutually beneficial outcome outside of court. With the support of our law firm in New Zealand, you can handle legal challenges efficiently, leading to a positive resolution.

The purpose of mediation

The purpose of mediation is that the parties in a dispute come together with the aim of reaching an agreement. Our mediation services in NZ facilitate discussions to help parties find common ground, without imposing decisions. The discussions are confidential and they cannot be used in court if mediation fails. If an agreement is reached, the mediator creates a legally binding settlement agreement. Unlike a courtroom setting, where a judge imposes a decision, mediation allows parties to retain control over the outcome.  

We offer various types of services of mediation: commercial/ business, workplace, civil, educational and family mediation in NZ.

Mediation is cost-effective, faster than court proceedings, and often preserves relationships, making it particularly advantageous for business relationships or disputes involving friends or family. Additionally, the employment mediation services offered by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) are free for employees or employers facing employment relationship problems.

Our New Zealand law firm offers mediation services personalized for your needs and circumstances.

The mediation process in New Zeland

Our lawyers in New Zealand will present how a typical mediation process works:

  • The parties involved in the dispute agree to appoint our mediators, who will have the relevant experience in handling cases similar to the one in question;
  • Our team will schedule a mediation session, at a mutually convenient time. Mediation sessions may last either a half or full day, depending on the complexity of the issues involved;
  • Before the mediation session, each party prepares a confidential mediation statement outlining their side of the story. These statements are generally sent to our mediator a few days before the session. These submissions are strictly confidential;
  • During the session, our mediation lawyers in New Zealand will facilitate the discussions between the parties hoping to reach a settlement. The parties will be met together or separately, depending on the circumstances;
  • If successful, the mediation session results in a settlement agreement. The terms of the agreement are drafted by our mediators and signed by all parties involved before leaving the session. This agreement is legally binding and enforceable in a court of law, preventing any party from changing its mind later.

If you are interested in our mediation services in NZ, we will detail the process based on your specific cases.

Number of court cases in New Zealand

In the context of mediation in New Zealand, these statistics provided by the District Court of New Zealand can offer an overview of how many cases are dealt with by the district courts. The statistics refer to the 2020-2021 fiscal year:

  • There were 60,985 applications filed in the Family Court where both parties agreed on the issue;
  • There were 4,205 new cases brought to jury trial;
  • There were 3,018 new cases in the Youth Court;
  • There were 109,556 new non-jury criminal cases.

Aside from our mediation services, we offer support for company formation and accounting in New Zealand.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for more details and information regarding the mediation process.